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The Process of Restoring and Preserving Wood - Houses

Envirotek Restoration, Inc. is the industry leader for the Bay Area in preserving natural wood homes. Most natural wood houses have either cedar or redwood shingles or shakes on their exteriors. Both cedar and redwood are very soft and very thin wood that must be maintained in a specific manner to ensure their integrity and beauty. The cleaning and preserving of your natural wood house involves several steps. Envirotek Restoration, Inc. takes each and every step very seriously.

Step One: Surrounding vegetation that might be affected by the cleaning and preservation process is covered and/or pulled away from the surface being worked on to protect it from any damage.

Step Two: Envirotek Restoration, Inc. then pressure washes your house using the proper level of pressurized water and cleanser. Use of high pressure can cause damage to the wood surface. Using the proper pressure combined with the proper volume of water will minimize damage to the wood. It is recommended not to exceed 1500 PSI (pounds per square inch) on the wood. By using a pressure washer which applies 6 gallons per minute (a large volume of water) we avoid using excessive pressure on the wood. Thus protecting the wood from gouges and scarring. As important as it is to use the proper pressure and volume of water, it is equally important to use the proper cleanser on your house. Application of the cleanser on the wood surface dissolves the old stains, dirt, moss, mold, mildew and dead cells.

Step Three: After cleaning the house, brightener is applied to enhance the color of the wood and return it to its natural status. Without use of the brightener, your house will remain dull in color.

Step Four: At this point, we let the house dry for approximately 24-48 hours.

Step Five: Once the wood has dried, we apply on coat TWP to the structure. Envirotek Restoration, Inc. uses one of the highest quality products on the market (TWP; Total Wood Protectant) to preserve your exterior woods. TWP penetrates deep into the wood to protect it from the inside out thus ensuring better preservation.

Step Six: Once we have applied the preservative to your home, a minimum of 48 hours should be allowed for the preservative to dry.

Recommendations: Natural wood houses should be cleaned and preserved every three to five years on average depending upon the amount of direct sunlight and exposure to the elements. Some homes can go longer, while others need to be maintained more often. Maintaining your natural wood home is an investment worth making. Cleaning and Preserving your home with the proper process and materials will ensure its beauty, integrity, longevity and value.



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